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What is an action?

An automation action is a step that performs a task, activity, event, or change such as sending an email.

Think of a Action as:

When Something happens (the Trigger) and These Conditions are true, then This Event (the Action) occurs.

Select the action

After creating your automation and selecting your Trigger, now it is time to specify the action you want to perform when the automation fires. You can select your Action in the Then do this section at the bottom of the right-hand column.

Available Actions

Select from the available SmartSuite actions to get started:

Create a record

Whenever your automation trigger fires and the conditions are met, the "Create a record" actions will create a new record (row).

Select the App you want the action to occur in and set up the conditions or scenarios that will cause the automation to trigger.

In the display, a Task is completed in the Project Task's App, and the Status field changes from In Process to Complete. When this status change occurs, you can send an email to a specified SmartSuite Member or Team.

Update a record

Whenever your trigger and its conditions are met, the "Update a record" action will automatically update a single record. When the automation fires, one record will update in the specified App.

In your trigger selection, you identified which App your automation will occur in. Now it is time to specify which particular fields your action should occur in.

In this display, when a Work Request is created, the record will be updated to assign the responsible team member (through an Assigned To field) and set the Status of the request to "Not Started."

Send an email

When selecting an action, you may choose the "Send an email" action.

Determine your recipient(s), the email subject, and the custom message to be sent each time the automation triggers.

When the automation triggers successfully, an email will be sent to all specified recipients, along with the custom information.

In this display, when a Task's Status changes from In Process to Complete, then an email can be sent to the person responsible for the task.

Available Action Integrations

Send an SMS Text Message

Link to your Twilio account to send SMS text messages directly to team members.

Send a Slack message

Simply add your Slack Account, grant SmartSuite permission to send messages to it, and pick the Slack channel or individual user you want to send the message to.

You can customize the message to include any information from the triggering record and get important information to your team instantly.

Send an email through Gmail

Sending email through your Gmail account is just as easy. You authorize SmartSuite to access your Gmail account, specify the email addresses or SmartSuite Members you want to email, and customize the subject and body of the email message.

Just like the Slack action you can incorporate field values into the content, or reference email fields to populate TO, CC and BCC values.

Stay tuned- Many more integrations are on their way!

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