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View the data behind count and rollup field values for easy access to every detail

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Count and Rollup fields give you powerful tools to summarize your data, allowing you to see how many customer requests are in queue, total the value of line items attached to an order or see how many orders have closed. You've got instant access to the overall picture of your work items and what they mean at a top level.

Sometimes, however, you need more detail. With the ability to "drill through" the field and access the underlying data you can immediately access the records that are part of the rollup or count value.

How to Access Supporting Records

Clicking on any Count or Rollup field will open a display that shows you all of the Linked Records that are associated with it. Like the Linked Record field, you'll be able to select the fields you want to display in the records list.

Changing the Click Through Field Display

To change the fields displayed in the click through dialog, simply click on the Fields button displayed in the upper-right corner of the record display dialog. A configuration panel will be displayed that looks like this:

To Add Fields to the Display

Click the field name you want to display in the left-side panel. The field will be added to the selected fields panel on the right. You can drag and drop the field vertically to adjust the display order. Just hover the field name and click on the grabber bar displayed on it's left side - you can then slide the field up or down.

To Remove Fields from the Display

Hover over the field you want to remove and click the X that is displayed. The field will be removed from Selected Fields and returned to Available Fields.

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