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Sharing Records

Share your record level information

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Sharing a record with a direct link

You can share direct links to any record in SmartSuite. At this time, only users with access to the record being shared will be able to view and edit the content being shared.

We offer a few convenient options for sharing:

  1. Copy a Link to share in any channel of your choosing by clicking the "..." menu in the record header:

2. All records have a built-in Auto Number field displayed in the record header. Clicking the field value copies a link to the record to a clipboard.

3. Most elements in SmartSuite - from records to saved views - can be shared by simply copying the unique link from your browser:

Share a record by email

It's easy to share records via email. Simply click "..." in the upper-right of any record and select Share by Email.

Records can be shared with other Members in the same SmartSuite workspace, or with external recipients without access to the workspace.

There are many options to tailor content when sharing. Start by adding a To recipient by entering an email address, typing a SmartSuite Member name, or clicking the icon to pull up the SmartSuite Member Directory.

Edit the Subject, personalize the Message and select whether to send a copy to yourself.

Choose to:

  • Add all or any selection of fields in a record to the body of the email. This allows content to be shared with external users - remember to be careful when sharing data and follow your organization's policies & procedures when doing so.

  • Include a Link to Record.

  • Include all the record content as a PDF, CSV, Excel or Google Sheet attachment to the email.

  • Include files or images attached to the record.

  • Include Comments associated with the record.

  • Include a digest of Activity History associated with the record.

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