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Track all of the changes made to a record

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With SmartSuite's Record Activity History feature, you can see every change that has been made to a record, when it was made, and who made the change. At a glance you can see who has been collaborating, what changes each teammate made, and how much activity there has been within a particular record.

Uses for Record Activity History

This powerful feature provides a play-by-play accounting of all record changes, which could help you:

  • Identify which collaborator made a certain change

  • See how current the record's data may be based on the date of its changes

  • Identify when a record was originally created, and by which user

  • Audit changes to sensitive documents

Record Activity History Retention Period

Your record activities are tracked for a period of time that is determined by your Subscription Plan.

Here are the retention periods for all plans:

  • Free - 14 days

  • Team - 1 year

  • Professional - 2 years

  • Enterprise - 3 years

Working With Record Activity History

How Activity History is Tracked

All changes that are made to a record by an individual user within a 3 minute period are considered a single change, and are recorded that way. This approach consolidates changes into logical groupings to prevent the history log from becoming too large and difficult to read.

Automations in Activity History

Automations are now listed by name inside your activity history! Now when you go into the activity history you'll see a lightning bolt icon and the name of the automation that made changes to the record so you can more easily keep track of what made changes and when, even if your process has been automated!

View Record Activity History

To view a record's activity history, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the record in record display mode.

  2. Click the clock-shaped icon in the upper-right hand corner of the window.

  3. The Record Activity History panel will slide open.

Once the activity history panel is open you can:

  • See when the record was created and last updated

  • Search for changes made by specific users

  • See the details of the record change

Enable Record Activity History

There is no need to enable record activity history - it is captured automatically for all of your apps!

Remember that your history will be maintained for a length of time that varies by your Subscription Plan - see the next section for more details.

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