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Undo and redo actions like adding, editing, or deleting records

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SmartSuite Undo/Redo Feature

Welcome to SmartSuite's Undo/Redo feature, a powerful tool designed to enhance your productivity and control within the application. With this feature, you can effortlessly manage actions like adding, editing, or deleting records, ensuring a smooth and error-free workflow.

Undo / Redo Limits

The last 20 undo actions you have performed are stored and can be "re-done." Changes that are more than 20 undo actions in the past will be dropped from the queue and can no longer be reapplied.

Undo Your Actions

Have you ever made a mistake while performing an action in SmartSuite? The Undo functionality has you covered. When you execute actions such as saving, editing, or deleting records, a toast notification will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen, confirming the action you just took.

Within this message, you'll find an 'Undo' button. Clicking it instantly reverses the action, as if it never happened. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to undo and redo - keep reading for all of the details.

Important Note

Toast messages are displayed when you perform a bulk action. Bulk actions are those that impact multiple records (like a paste into the grid) or are initiated from the bulk change toolbar after selecting records with the checkbox control (even if you only select one).

Other actions are recorded in your Undo history, however. To prevent your SmartSuite experience to from being overwhelmed by popups and toast messages, these individual actions (like using inline edit to change a value in the grid) don't display the toast message with an Undo button. You can use the hotkey combinations described below to undo or redo these changes. See the description below for how to do it!

Supported Undo/Redo Actions

You can currently undo (or redo) the following actions:

  • Record Creation

  • Record Updates

  • Record Deletion

  • Bulk Field Updates

  • Bulk Record Duplication

  • Bulk Record Deletion

  • Bulk Paste from Clipboard

Check back frequently as we're planning to expand on this list of supported actions.

Two Convenient Methods

We understand that everyone has their preferred way of working, so we've provided two convenient methods for using the Undo/Redo feature:

  1. Toast Message: After performing a bulk action, a toast message confirms the operation and contains an 'Undo' button for quick reversal. This method is intuitive and perfect for those who prefer a visual cue.

  2. Hotkeys: If you're a fan of keyboard shortcuts, we've got you covered. SmartSuite offers a set of hotkeys that allow you to Undo and Redo actions with simple keystrokes. This method is ideal for users who want to keep their hands on the keyboard and maintain a seamless workflow. As mentioned in the note above, this is also the way to undo or redo individual changes when working in Grid View.

On Mac, use this key combination to UNDO: Command + Z

On Windows, use this key combination to UNDO: ​Ctrl + Z

Redo Your Actions

If you change your mind and realize you actually needed the action you just undid, the Redo function is at your fingertips. You can restore any action you've undone, restoring the prior value.

On Mac, use this key combination to REDO: Shift + Command + Z

On Windows, use this key combination to REDO: Shift + ​Ctrl + Z

With SmartSuite's Undo/Redo feature, you can confidently edit, paste and duplicate your records without worrying about accidentally deleting important data. Say goodbye to worry and hello to improved productivity!

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