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Configure an action that allows you to create and update records in HubSpot

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What is an Action?

An automation action is a step that performs a task, activity, event, or change. Think of a action as:

When Something happens (the Trigger) and These Conditions are true, then This Event (the Action) occurs.

SmartSuite's "Create Record" action for HubSpot allows you to automatically add new Contacts, Companies and Deals. This is just the first generation of this action - check back frequently for additional options as we continue to make enhancements to the HubSpot action!


Installing the HubSpot Action

Installing the HubSpot Action couldn't be easier - it is pre-installed for you. Simply click the Automations option in the Solution drop-down menu. This action requires Solution Manager permissions or the Administrator role.

Once the Solution Automations dialog is displayed, click Add Automation to begin creating an automation that will interact with HubSpot.

Select a Trigger, then proceed to select the HubSpot action type, as described below.

Select the HubSpot Action

After creating your automation and selecting your Trigger, you can select HubSpot from the Integrations section of the selector. You can then select the "Create Record" option (and remember, more action types are coming soon!) - it looks like this:

Configuring HubSpot Create Record

Whenever your automation trigger fires and the conditions are met, the HubSpot Create Record action will create a new entity. Configuring it just requires a few clicks.

You will first need to select the Entity Type you want to create. There are three currently available:

  • Contact

  • Company

  • Deal

The remaining configuration will depend on the type selected, as their values differ slightly.

With the Entity Type set, you can then add details for the entity that you're creating. To get started, click the "Select Field" option under Fields. You'll be presented with a dropdown containing the available HubSpot fields. You can also start typing the name of a field you're looking for to narrow down the list.

When you've found the field you want to add, simply click it. The field will be added to the configuration page. Once added you can either provide a static value for the field by typing in the input area, or you can select a field from the trigger to populate the value, like this:

Continue adding fields until you have populated everything you need in the entities that will be created in HubSpot. When you're done, click Save Automation at the bottom-right corner of the screen to save the automation and its configuration.

Note: You will be prompted to switch the automation on. If you click Yes, switch it on the automation will be active and will trigger when its criteria are met. You can also choose to keep it off if you're not yet ready to start creating new records in HubSpot.

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