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Add Files from OneDrive for Business to SmartSuite
Add Files from OneDrive for Business to SmartSuite

Easily add existing files from Microsoft OneDrive for Business to your SmartSuite records

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What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business is a component of Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) designed specifically for businesses and organizations. It is a cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform that allows employees within an organization to store, share, and collaborate on files and documents securely. OneDrive for Business is distinct from the personal OneDrive service offered to individual users and focuses on meeting the unique needs of businesses and enterprises.

Overall, OneDrive for Business provides organizations with a secure, collaborative, and scalable solution for managing their documents and files in the cloud. It supports modern workplace needs by enabling employees to work together efficiently, access files from anywhere, and maintain a high level of data security.

How Can I Use Files From OneDrive Business in SmartSuite?

SmartSuite has a native integration with OneDrive for Business that allows you to select a file from your existing OneDrive account and copy it into SmartSuite. OneDrive for Business files are available anywhere in SmartSuite where you use the file picker control, which includes:

  • Files & Images fields. You can select files from OneDrive for Business and attach them to a Files & Images field, just like you would when you select a file from your computer.

  • SmartDocs. You can use files from OneDrive for Business when inserting an attachment, image or video.

  • Comments. When you add an attachment to a comment, you can select OneDrive for Business as the source for the file(s).

  • Solution Guides. Every Solution Guide (accessed from the Solution drop-down menu) is really a SmartDoc, and as such supports file attachments, images and videos you select in OneDrive for Business.

  • Communications Center emails. If you choose to upload a file attachment in an email in Communications Center, OneDrive for Business is one of the options to pick files from.

Selecting any of these options will open the file picker:

Connecting to OneDrive for Business

The first step in connecting your Box account is clicking the Connect OneDrive Business button in the file picker control. You will be prompted to log in on Microsoft's website. Enter your email and password (or create a Microsoft account) to proceed. You may have additional sign-in options depending on how your Microsoft account is configured. In some circumstances you may be required to enter a code that Microsoft mails to your email address.

As OneDrive for Business is intended for professional use, it is very likely that you will be prompted with a two-factor authentication challenge. It may look something like this, depending on your organization's security settings:

After verifying your account you will be returned to the file picker, with your OneDrive for Business folders and files displayed. Simply select one or more to attach them to the record, comment or other SmartSuite input that supports files.

The file picker allows you to view the selected files, and the click Upload to load them into SmartSuite.

File Selector FAQ's

How do I attach a file to an email in Communications Center?

When you create a new email, click on the Attach File button. Select Upload Files and the file selector will be displayed. You can then then attach files from:

  • Your device

  • From a Link (URL)

  • Take a Phone (requires a camera on your device)

  • Box

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • OneDrive

  • OneDrive Business

Add a file attachment to an email

How do I attach a file, insert an image or display a video in SmartDoc?

Type a forward slash ( / character) at the start of a new line and start typing insert. You'll be able to:

  • Insert Image

  • Insert View

  • Insert Attachment

Selecting any of those options will open the file picker where you can insert the file, image or video from any of the sources listed above as well as:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Upsplash (a platform that offers royalty-free images)

Insert file in a SmartDoc
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