Another feature to help you save time while working in Grid View! Quickly perform record actions by right-clicking on the Record's cell.

You can now right-click (Control right-click on Mac) within any cell in the grid to open a menu that will let you open the record, insert a new row, share via email, copy the record URL, print, export or delete the record.

You have the following options on the right-click menu:

  • Open Record

  • Insert Record Above

  • Insert Record Below

  • Share by Email

  • Copy Link

  • Print

  • Duplicate Record

  • Export

  • Delete Record

Open Record

Selecting the Open Record option will display the Record View of the selected row.

Insert Record

The Insert Record options allow you to easily create a new record above or below the one selected.

Share by Email/Copy Link

The Share by Email selection allows you to send an email including the record to an email of your choice. You can include a personal email message and have the option to include the link to the record or the record's file attachment in the form of PDF, CSV, or Excel.

The Copy Link selection will simply copy the link to your clipboard and share the direct record's link.


Print or export the record directly from this right click menu.

Delete Record

Finally, you have the option to delete the record from the right-click.

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