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See all of your tasks from every part of your SmartSuite workspace at a glance.

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My Work is your personal command center, a top-level view of all your tasks across the system with important information like due dates and priorities displayed in a concise format. Sort tasks by date, priority, or Solution to focus on the things that you need to get done.

Say goodbye to constantly changing context - no more friction from flipping back and forth between emails, calendars, and Tables to figure out what’s next. Now you have the perfect way to visualize all of your work.

My Work is made up of the Assigned to and Status field of a record.

Where to Find My Work

Note: If you're not seeing your tasks for a certain Table, make sure you've properly configured your Assigned To field settings.

My Work is instantly accessible no matter where you are in SmartSuite. From the top panel simply click the My Work icon to get started.

Work is cross-functional, spanning projects, processes, departments and more. That's why tasks in SmartSuite can take many shapes - records, checklists, comments and sub items can be assigned to members with a due date.

Using My Work

Task Information Displayed in My Work

The My Work list displays information about your tasks in a structured way, with information that includes the following:

  • The name of the task or containing record

  • The name of the Table associated with the task, if applicable

  • The type of task, indicating whether it is an assigned record, comment, personal task, checklist item or sub-task

  • The priority of the task, if one has been set

  • The status of the task

  • The due date if one has been assigned

  • The Solution associated with the task, if applicable

Organization of Tasks

All items in my Work have been assigned to you or created by you as a personal task. By default, assigned tasks are organized according to the due date of the assignment, but users can customize My Work to group by status, priority or solution.

To keep things organized, tasks are further divided into Open Assignments and Closed Assignments tabs. Every task that is in an active, open state will be found in the first tab, with all closed tasks neatly tucked away for reference if you need them.

As you can see, there are several tasks displayed along with a count of the items in that timeframe category. Each can be expanded or collapsed to show or hide the individual tasks. This group by has five different categories:

  • Overdue. Anything with a due date in the past is highlighted first, letting you know that a timeline has slipped. They’ll stay in this category until either their due date is adjusted or they’re closed.

  • Today. This section contains everything with a due date of today, highlighting those tasks for immediate attention. The next day everything that isn’t marked Complete is moved to the Overdue section. Complete tasks move immediately to the Closed Assignments tab.

  • Upcoming. These tasks have due dates that fall in the next seven days, excluding the current day. They’re sorted by date, with the tasks due first at the top of the list.

  • Later. Any task with a due date more than seven days in the future is listed in this category. You can start planning, interact with those tasks or adjust status and timeline values just like any other task.

  • No Due Date. Tasks with no assigned due date appear here. You always have the option to assign a due date - if you do, the task will instantly move to the appropriate category based on the date you set.

Completed Tasks

Seeing completed tasks is easy, just click on the Closed Assignments tab. When you do, you’ll see completed tasks, grouped in three categories:

  • Today: All assignments closed today

  • This Week. All assignments closed within the last seven days

  • This Month: All assignments closed within the current month

  • Last Month: All assignments closed within the prior month

  • Last Year: All assignments closed later than last month but within 12 months from today

You’ll also notice that in this view the Due Date column name changes to Closed Date to make it clear that these tasks are no longer active.

Task Priorities

SmartSuite supports four priority levels, each with a distinctive color-coded icon that gives you an immediate visual queue. Available status values are:

  • Low

  • Normal

  • High

  • Urgent

Task Status and Completing Tasks

Every task that has been assigned to you is either Open or Closed. This is pretty intuitive for assigned comments, personal tasks, sub-tasks and checklist items. Simply click on the Status field to change from Open to Closed - or back to Open.

You’re presented with a simple dropdown, like this:

You can also click on the circle icon to the left of the task to quickly check it off your list. If there are more than one available “complete” status values for a record, you’ll see two options - just like this:

Check Task Complete

Records that are assigned to you treat every status as Open, with the exception of those values that are configured with the Mark as Complete property in the Status field’s properties.

It looks like this when a Solution Manager configures it:

Managing Task Due Dates

My Work not only makes it easy to view tasks by Due Date, it lets you adjust your due dates with a simple click. If you click on any empty due date placeholder or existing due date, you’ll be presented with a date picker, like this:

Select your desired due date and that’s it - the task is instantly saved with the new date. Note that this function is only available to users with permission to modify the task.

Adding Personal Tasks

Only a portion of the work we do every day is linked to a formal project or well-defined task. To manage all of the other work you do, SmartSuite allows Members to create personal tasks to track their own to-do items so they can get everything done in one place.

To get started, simply click on the New Task button:

A window will open, letting you capture the details about your individual task. You can provide as much information as necessary to capture the important details of the work that needs to be done.

  • Task Name. Give the task a short, descriptive title. This field and Assignee are the only two that are required to save the task.

  • Task Description. Add additional information about the task using SmartDoc rich text markup.

  • Assignee. Specify who owns the task. This value defaults to the creating Member, but you can change it if you’re creating a task for someone else.

  • Due Date. Add an optional due date to keep track of timelines.

  • Priority. Optionally add a priority to indicate how critical the task is.

  • Attachments. Attach files or images that are related to the work at hand.

  • Solution. You can choose to select a Solution to associate the task with, reminding you at a glance what type of work the task relates to.


Which fields are used to have records show up in a Member's My Work section?

  • Assigned to & Status field

How many members can be associated with a record in their My Work?

Multiple members can be associated!

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