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@Mention Overview

The @Mention feature is central to collaborating in SmartSuite, allowing members to be tagged within a specific piece of content or activity. Typing the @ symbol dynamically pulls a list of members to select from.

Note: only members with permission to the record will be available to select in the @mention dialog box.

Teams can be @mentioned as well. Doing so will trigger individual notifications that appear in team members' Notification panels alerting to the content tag.

Tagging a team is a great way to get general feedback, triage comments, or get quick support from teams with the right expertise needed to keep work flowing.

Role of @Mentions

@Mentions are different than creating a formal Assignment, which creates a task to complete. @Mentions bring attention to content and show up in the notifications panel, creating an easy spot for members to track all content associated them.

Using @Mentions

Context is the key to using @mentions effectively, which is why their use is supported in the numerous SmartSuite elements.

@Mentions in Comments

Tagging members to conversations is a great way to collaborate on content related to an entire topic related to a record. Simply type '@' to search the member directory and select a member, or click the @ icon in the Comment toolbar to engage the directory.

Tip💡 : after typing '@' or clicking the @ symbol in the toolbar, start typing a member's name to begin using dynamic search and easily find who you're looking for.

@Mentions in SmartDocs

The SmartDoc field is one of our favorite and most powerful features. It's great for capturing rich content directly within a record. Teams use the SmartDoc field to document product requirements, draft marketing and blog content, author HR policies, craft recipes, and more.

Because SmartDocs contain such rich content, Teams will need to collaborate and get other team members to weigh in with thoughts or add their expertise. @Mentions can be embedded anywhere in a SmartDoc to bring a member's attention directly where the discussion needs to occur.

@Mentions in Checklists

Checklist fields are great at injecting action items into a record. @Mentions can be used within checklists to notify members of an action. Notifications will show up in the member's @mentioned tab within the Notifications panel.

Again, note that @mentions are not a formal assignment.

However, when you @mention a member in a checklist item, you're only a couple clicks away from assigning the action item and applying a due date. These assignments show up in the member's My Work panel.

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