Saved View (Reporting) Toolbar

Build dynamic saved views with our toolbar to gain insights and make better decisions

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Start with getting familiar with the Report Toolbar controls to understand SmartSuite's powerful saved view-building capability.

View Selector

One of the most powerful features of SmartSuite is the ability to view the same data set in multiple ways. Use the View Selector to flip between Grid, Card, Kanban, Timeline, Calendar, Map, Chart, and Form views.

To understand the benefits of each view, we recommend reviewing the Views Overview article.

Views that you create become Saved Views.

Located in the upper left of each view, the Saved View Selector allows members to quickly toggle between Saved Views, rename saved views, duplicate saved views, search saved views, create new saved views from scratch, and flag your favorite saved views for easy access.

Fields to Display

Customize views and Saved Views by selecting the Fields to Display from the available fields in an app. The Primary Field is always displayed, and the order of selected fields can be customized by grabbing the symbol next to the field icon and reordering.


Apply single or multiple sorts based on any field within an app. In Grid View, this behaves just like sorting columns in a spreadsheet. Learn more about Sorting.


Set data filters to isolate select content. Multiple filters can be applied simultaneously using simple And / Or combinations.

For example, a Marketer may want to set a filter in the Image Library app where the Image Category is Feature AND the Type is a Custom image.

Learn more about the Filter feature.


Grouping records by values list fields, linked records, date, numeric fields and more- you can even create multiple groupings. Only field types that support grouping will be selectable in the Group By dropdown. Learn more about the Grouping control.

Consider using the Group control to build Saved Views that reflect the stages, status, or priority of your workflow. This makes it easy for teams to identify and focus on the items that matter most.


Quickly target records in multiple views using Spotlight to flag records with specific attributes. This is helpful when looking to update multiple records in the context of a broader data set.

For example, to make specific positions in your hiring process stand out, you can use a spotlight.

Learn more about Spotlight.

Row & Card Size

The Row Size control is available in Grid View, and the Card Size control is available in Card View and Kanban View.

Set sizing to fit your content and create instant readability.

Learn more about Row & Card size here,


Search word combinations with the Find control. Results are highlighted in all view types and quickly flip between results using the arrow keys next to the search results.

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