Creating a Saved View

The process of creating a new saved view from start to finish

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Creating a new saved view

Start by opening up the view dropdown menu and going down to the section labeled "Create New View."

With the view creation section open, you can select from all the available views types:

Once you've picked a view type, clicking on that type will open up the menu to create your new view. You can now choose the permission type:

Select whether you want to save the view as a personal private or public view.

  • Private: Only you can edit and save changes to this view

  • Public: Members with full access and above can edit and save changes to this view

Note: Full access users can create or modify public saved views.

Currently selected view types are stored as a setting, but you are able to change the view type to the existing saved view.

Renaming a saved view

Do I have to choose the name for a saved view as I create it?

Whenever you create a new view, it will automatically be saved as the name of the view type.

For clarity, we do recommend giving each of your views a different descriptive name.

Once you've created your new saved view you can name it by clicking on the Saved View Title:

You can also change the name after it's created by selecting the three-dot dropdown to the right of the Saved View:

Customizing a saved view

Select which fields to show or hide to customize it to the view's purpose.

For example, the attributes of a Grid view that can be saved for that individual view include:

  • Which records are filtered

  • Which fields are displayed or hidden

  • The sorting/the ordering of records and fields

  • The width of each field

  • The row height of each record

Pro tip:

After you've created a few saved views, you can switch between them easily by selecting views from the view dropdown menu.

If you’d like to choose another permission type when creating a new saved view, you can easily change the settings by selecting any of the other view permission type options before clicking “Create new view”:

Reordering Views

To reorder your saved views, drag and drop from the reorder button on the left-hand side (which resembles a stack of four lines) to its new location.

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