Highlight records and fields in saved views to efficiently find and update similar data attributes.

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Spotlight is a fun feature that combines elements of Find and Filter in the Report Toolbar with a visual "highlight" that persists as long as the spotlight is active.

Consider an analog analogy: Spotlight would be like opening a book and having the pages and sentences highlighted when they contain certain words or phrases. ⭐️

Spotlight is available in Grid, Card, Kanban, Calendar, Timeline and Map views.

It's particularly useful in Grid View, where the Spotlight control (below) uses colors and criteria to highlight records (rows) or fields (columns).

Select a color for the Spotlight:

Add a search criteria:

Make sure you select to search by Field or Record using the toggle in the upper-right of Spotlight.

The result of Spotlighting rows in purple "Where Solution Name contains Business:"

Alternatively, the result of Spotlighting fields in purple where "Short Description contains Business:"

Using Multiple Spotlights

Apply multiple Spotlights at once by clicking + Add Spotlight, selecting new colors and conditions.

This way, you can Spotlight until your heart's content ❤️ = 😌 .

Spotlight in Other Views

Card and Kanban views highlight the top of cards when Spotlights are applied, for example:

Calendar, Timeline and Map views spotlight records by color directly on the saved view layout and within the Record Listing panel.

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