Highlight records and fields in saved views to efficiently find and update similar data attributes.

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Spotlight is a feature combines elements of Find and Filter in the Report Toolbar with a visual "highlight" that persists as long as the spotlight is active.

Consider an analog analogy: Spotlight would be like opening a book and having the pages and sentences highlighted when they contain certain words or phrases. ⭐️

Spotlight is available in Grid, Card, Kanban, Calendar, Timeline and Map views.

It's particularly useful in Grid View, where the Spotlight control (below) uses colors and criteria to highlight records (rows) or fields (columns).

Using Spotlights

When you select Spotlight from the Reporting Toolbar, you are presented with two options:

  • Select Field. Select this option to have the record's background highlighted with the color of the selected field.

  • Conditions. This option allows you to assign colors based on specified conditions.

Select a field

The Select Field option instructs spotlight to apply the color assigned to the value of a field to the background of the record. Two field types are supported:

  • Status

  • Single Select

Records will be displayed with a background color that is the same as the selected value of the spotlight field. For example, this is what a grid might look like when a "Priority" Single Select field is used as the spotlight:


The Conditions option creates spotlights based on conditions you specify. When selected, you can define one or more spotlights for the view that evaluate record values to determine if they should have the spotlight applied.

There are three configurable settings per spotlight:

  • Spotlight Color

  • Display Type. Select Field to color just the matching field values, or Record to color the entire record's background.

  • Conditions. The conditions that must be met to apply the spotlight.

Selecting Spotlight Color

Click on the color you want to apply when your spotlight conditions are met.

Picking Display Type

Choose the Field or Record option in the toggle in the spotlight configuration's upper-right corner.

Specify Conditions

Specify the field(s) to be evaluated in order to determine if the spotlight is applied. When the conditions are true, the spotlight will be displayed.

A few notes on conditions:

  • You can add additional conditions by clicking + Add Condition under the last condition you have defined

  • Remove conditions by clicking the X icon after the condition

  • All conditions are evaluated as AND or OR, meaning:

    • AND - All conditions must be true for the spotlight to be applied

    • OR - Any condition can be true to apply the spotlight

Example of Record highlighting:

Example of Field highlighting:

Using Multiple Spotlights

When using a Conditions spotlight you can defined multiple Spotlights. To configure additional spotlights, click + Add Spotlight. A new set of criteria can be defined, along with color and display type settings.

Note: You can combine spotlights that highlight record and field values.

Example of multiple field-level Spotlights:

Example of combining multiple Record and Field spotlights:

Spotlights in Views

Card and Kanban Views

These views highlight the top of cards when Spotlights are applied, for example:

Calendar, Timeline and Map Views

Calendar, Timeline and Map views spotlight records by color directly on the saved view layout and within the Record Listing panel.

Gantt View

Spotlights can be displayed on Gantt view for a visual of the project status field.

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