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Customize the display of time and date information

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Behind the scenes, all SmartSuite date and time values are stored in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time, equivalent to GMT). Your time zone setting specifies the time zone where the date and time information is displayed to you.

You can change your time zone in your user profile to reflect your preferred location, or update your locale to customize the display of time and date information.

Managing Time Zone and Locale

Change your time zone or locale

Changing your preferences is simple, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on your user profile icon in the upper-right hand corner of the SmartSuite interface to open your user profile options.

  2. Click General Preferences.

  3. Click Edit in the General Preferences section

  4. Select your preferred values for language, time zone and locale.

  5. Click Update General Preferences to save your selections.

Once you click General Preferences a dialog box opens where you can change your selections for each setting:

Note that your browser will refresh after changes to language or locale are applied. For more information see this article.

Editing date and time values

SmartSuite displays date and time values to individual Members based on their selected time zone. You add or modify values in your time zone, and other users will view those values in their selected time zone.

What happens when I change my locale?

Your locale selection sets the display format for dates, times and numbers in SmartSuite. For example:


  • Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY

  • Time Format: 12 hour

  • Number Format: thousands separator is comma, decimal separator is period


  • Date Format: DD.MM.YYYY

  • Time Format: 24 hour

  • Number Format: thousands separator is period, decimal separator is comma

Note that the values in currency fields have locale-specified formatting but the selected currency and value does not change. Currencies are displayed with the currency symbol and positioning that is customary for the specific currency and is not impacted by selected user locale.

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