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Creating/Connecting a SmartSuite Form in Fillout
Creating/Connecting a SmartSuite Form in Fillout

Use a Fillout form to create new records in SmartSuite

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What is Fillout?

Elevate your SmartSuite experience with Fillout's powerful form creation capabilities. Easily design, update, and manage forms that seamlessly integrate with your SmartSuite Tables. With Fillout, you can create highly tailored and branded forms to match your unique style and brand identity. The extensive customization options, your forms will reflect your company's professionalism and distinctiveness.

Enhanced Features: Enjoy a broader range of features that cater to complex data collection requirements. Fillout's robust set of tools allows you to capture and organize data in ways that align with your business objectives.

Seamless Integration: The SmartSuite-Fillout integration ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for our users. You can seamlessly incorporate Fillout's form creation capabilities into your existing SmartSuite workflows without any disruptions.

How to create a SmartSuite form in Fillout?

Connecting to Fillout

To connect your account to Fillout, simply visit:

Click on "Get Started."

The first thing you need to do is enter your SmartSuite API Key and Workspace ID.

You can find your API key in your user profile, and your workspace ID as the first 8 characters after when you’re logged in.

Refer to this article for help accessing your API Key.

You will then be prompted to pick a theme that you can always adjust later on.

Select the SmartSuite Solution and Table you want to sync form responses to.

You then have the option to:

  1. Create SmartSuite records when the form is submitted.

2. Update SmartSuite records when the form is submitted.

You can map the SmartSuite fields to the form questions you want to sync below each action.

The form you create in Fillout will automatically sync into your SmartSuite Table.

From your Fillout Form, you can drag and drop the SmartSuite fields from the left-hand side panel on the form and they will automatically connect to the fields in your Table.

Connect an existing form to SmartSuite

To connect a form you have already made to SmartSuite,

Simply click on Integrations on the tab of that form and select SmartSuite.

You can then follow the steps above to Connect your SmartSuite account. You will then be able to select how you wish to map the questions in your form to your SmartSuite Table.

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