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Connecting SmartSuite to WeWeb
Connecting SmartSuite to WeWeb

Deploy custom front-end applications using the power of low-code and no-code with SmartSuite data

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WeWeb is a powerful software that offers a unique combination of low-code and no-code customization capabilities. While it may seem like a simple portal at first glance, it is actually a complex and highly customizable platform that requires some time and effort to master.

One of the key benefits of WeWeb is its ability to pull in SmartSuite data, making it the first front-end application with this capability. This means that customers and partners can now deploy custom front-end applications using the power of low-code and no-code with SmartSuite data. In addition, WeWeb can create, update, and edit SmartSuite records bidirectionally, providing a seamless sync between the two platforms.

Connecting Your SmartSuite Account to WeWeb

In order to get data from SmartSuite, you first need to add SmartSuite as a data source in WeWeb:

From within a project, click on the puzzle piece, and under Data Sources, type in SmartSuite. Click Add.

To connect your SmartSuite Account, you must enter your API token and Workspace ID. You can find your API key in your user profile, and your workspace ID as the first 8 characters after when you’re logged in.

Refer to this article for help accessing your API Key.

Once you’ve connected a SmartSuite account to WeWeb, you will be able to create SmartSuite data collections in WeWeb and fetch data from SmartSuite.

You can add frontend filters and pagination and display the data in your WeWeb project.

In the Configuration model, you can select from the Solution / Table options located in the SmartSuite workspace.

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