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SmartSuite Security Practices
SmartSuite Security Practices
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At SmartSuite, the security and privacy of our customers' data are of paramount importance. We recognize that our reputation and success hinge on safeguarding your information. Rest assured that any data you input into SmartSuite belongs solely to you, and we are committed to preventing unauthorized access to your data.

To ensure the security of your data, SmartSuite employs robust encryption measures. When your data is transmitted to and from our servers, it undergoes encryption using 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption, safeguarding it during transit. Additionally, your content is also protected at rest through 256-bit AES encryption, providing an added layer of security for your information while stored within SmartSuite.

SmartSuite ensures the resilience and integrity of data by regularly backing up production data to a distinct and separate storage location. These backups undergo encryption, reinforcing the security measures in place.

Furthermore, SmartSuite offers you the flexibility to create manual backups of your Solutions and their data. You can export individual Tables as CSV files or retrieve your data through the SmartSuite REST API, providing you with additional control and peace of mind over your data management.

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