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Conditional Counts, Lookups, & Rollups

Learn how to filter information brought in by a Linked Record.

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Count, Lookups, and Rollups in Tables use linked record fields to pull values from one Table to another. By default, all linked records from the other Tables will be displayed, but you have the option to apply filters and conditions to narrow down the selection. This is particularly useful when you only need to display a specific subset of associated records, such as displaying open tasks or only contacts of a specific company.

How it works

To apply conditions, you must first establish a connection between the two Tables using a Linked record field. A linked record is required to use a Count, Lookup, or Rollup field.

Field Settings

Once you have a Count, Lookup, or Rollup field you can toggle the "Include Filters" option and click on the arrow to define the filters. This allows you to restrict the set of data that is considered for the calculations in the field.

Filter Conditions

The conditions you're able to specify are identical to the other areas of the product. You're able to specify multiple conditions for any filter. For example, in the screenshot below I'm setting calculation to only consider order records where the status is not "Client Approved" and the Due Date is before Today so I can have a count of all outstanding tasks.

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