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Record Find

The Record Find actions in Zapier allows you to look up a record or list of records by name, which you can then pass to subsequent update action(s). Two actions are available:

  • Find a Record in SmartSuite. This action allows you to find a specific record in SmartSuite.

  • Find Many Records (As Line Items) in SmartSuite. This action finds records that match your filter criteria, returning the found records as Zapier Line Items.

These actions are useful for updating records where you don't know the SmartSuite Title field name or the record id - instead, you can search for the record or records by other values that you do know, such as an id from the source system.

Find a Record in SmartSuite Action

This action is designed to help you find a particular record in SmartSuite that you want to update. What's more, you can actually use the action to create a record if it doesn't exist, eliminating the need to always have two separate Zaps - one to initially create the record and a second to update it.

You begin configuring the action by selecting the Solution and App you want to search. The following settings can then be configured:

  • Search by Field. This is the field from your selected App that you want to evaluate for the match.

  • Search Value. The value you want to compare against the search field to find a matching record.

  • Consider this step a success when nothing is found? If this value is true, your Zap will proceed if no records are found by your search. If false, your Zap will not continue if no match is found.

  • Create SmartSuite Record if it doesn't yet exist? A true value here will allow you to create a new record if your search doesn't return an existing record. You will be able to map all of the App's fields just like you were using a Create Record action.

It's important to note that if multiple records are found by this trigger, the first matching record will be returned.

Find Many Records (As Line Items) in SmartSuite Action

This action is designed to locate multiple matching records. It is configured in the same way you configure the Find a Record in SmartSuite Action, with the exception that you do not have the ability to create records. Instead, records matching your criteria will be returned as Zapier Line items.

Line Items in Zapier can be used in compatible actions, performing a series of steps or activities on the entire list of records. Learn more about Line Items in Zapier's help documentation here.

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