Zapier is a tool that helps you connect SmartSuite with thousands of other platforms to automate all of your work. It's easy to get started, and our pre-made SmartSuite Zap templates can help you get started integrating with tools like Airtable, Wufoo, Mailchimp and more. You can browse them here.

Here are the simple steps for connecting SmartSuite to Zapier:

Add a SmartSuite Workspace to Zapier

  1. Log in to your Zapier account or create a new account

  2. Click on "My Apps" in the left navigation menu

  3. Click on "Connect a new account..." and search for "SmartSuite"

  4. Zapier will prompt you to enter your Workspace Id and API key. See our walk-through for retrieving these values from your SmartSuite here

  5. Once configured! Use a zap template or create your own with the Zapier Editor

  6. Check out some popular ways to use SmartSuite with Zapier

Connect SmartSuite to Zapier

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