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Card View Overview

The Report Toolbar Introduction outlines the primary controls for modifying views - all of which are available in Card View - and provides links to dive deeper into each control's functionality.

Select "Card" from the view dropdown to generate Card View.

Why would I want to use Card View?

Card View with a cover image displayed is one of the most powerful features in SmartSuite, turning records into an interactive visual look-books.

It's great for summarizing small "packs" of information to view records at a glance.

Working with Card View

Cover Images & Arranging Fields

Card view can automatically display previews of Image & Files fields by selecting the field as a Cover Image in the Fields to Display control. The same control allows you to select fields and put them in order of display on cards.

If you have multiple images or documents in the cover field, you can mouse over the cover to glance through the different attachments. Clicking the cover image will enlarge those attachments for a larger preview, without having to open the record.

Card Size

Adjust the Card Size by selecting between Small (default), Medium, or Large.

Drag & Drop Files

Add images and file attachments directly to records in Card View using drag & drop in the Cover Image.

Easy Grouping & Reordering

Grouping is one of the most used features of Card View. Use drag & drop to reorder cards.

Card View Examples of Use

Below you'll find examples from our Solution Library and internal applications here at SmartSuite.

Promote Company Culture

Put Faces with Names in Contacts

Logo Wall (for all the deals you are closing)

Digital Team Board

Menu Manager

Website Content Previews

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