Viewing Record Activity History

Track every action in SmartSuite; know what your teammates are working on and what changes they've made in real-time

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What is activity history?

Activity History tracks and logs when items are created and last updated as well as any change to content. Activity History tracks when the record was created and last updated as well as changes made to any record content.

Working with Record Activity History

Showing the View Activity History panel

You can view the activity history for a record in the View Activity History panel that can be expanded in record view mode.

  1. Open the record you want history for in Record View mode.

  2. Click the View Activity History Icon.

  3. The window will expand to display activity history.

Filter Activity History in a record by member to show just their changes, making it easy to see their contributions or which edits they made.

What record activities are tracked?

Just about everything! Here is a list of of things that are recorded as part of the history:

  1. Date and time of the modification

  2. Name of the User that made the modification

  3. Name of Field containing the modified content

  4. Original value(s) and modified value(s), including whether the value was added, modified or deleted

Here is an example, showing how a Single Select Field was changed from Prospective Vendor to Under Review...

Limits on record activity history

Record Activity History is kept available in SmartSuite for a period of time that corresponds with your SmartSuite plan:

  • Free Plan includes 14 days of activity history

  • Team Plan includes 6 months of activity history

  • Professional Plan includes 18 months of activity history

  • Enterprise Plan includes 3 years of activity history

Note: These time limits do not apply to comments. All comments will remain in the activity feed until they are manually deleted, regardless of how long ago they were made.

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