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Craft your profile to share your work experiences, skills, contact information, and hobbies with your co-workers

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We designed My Member Profile to look and feel like a social network while integrating rich member information into the fabric of our work management platform.

Work is social. We believe personal connections, shared experiences, and collective, focused work are at the foundation of an organization's culture.

Yet, the reality is that forging new or deeper connections is more challenging in remote work settings, whether it is forced on organizations suddenly during a global pandemic or designed and implemented thoughtfully.

Remote work, distributed teams, and global connections are realities of modern workforces. Member Profiles help build connections in this digital space. We use SmartSuite at SmartSuite to manage work as a fully remote, distributed team spanning 8 time zones, 4 continents, and 7 countries.

Access your Member Profile

My Member Profile can be accessed from any screen in SmartSuite by clicking the member name.

From here, you can manage everything related to your SmartSuite workspace, usage, personal information, and availability status.

Setting up your Member Profile

All members, regardless of role, can curate their profiles to share personal information, work history, skills, and interests with colleagues.

We recommend starting with Adding a Profile Picture and updating headline information, including:

  • Title

  • Department

  • Member Type

  • Company

It will be will be used in numerous places in SmartSuite.

Add a custom Cover Image or select from a catalog of stock images. You can add links to your personal social network pages, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Members can set an Availability Status to reflect vacation or busy periods.

My Member Profile is a spot to share some of your experiences, interests, and personality with colleagues. Clicking Edit allows you to add content to About you, Hobbies, Certifications, Skills, or you can upload a full Biography (resume or CV).

Certifications and Skills are extremely useful for large organizations and contracting companies where matching members to required experiences for a given role is critical to delivery.

Member Profiles Uses

Provide Context for Users

Member Profiles are used throughout SmartSuite. Previews and access to full profiles are available in Assigned To fields. Profile avatars (i.e. Profile Image) appear in comments, saved views, and when looking to see which members are viewing a record.

Employee Directory

At the workspace level, Member Profiles can serve as a holistic Employee Directory if implemented company-wide.

The same is true for projects, departments, and teams, making it easy to find colleague or contractor contact information, view employees by location, and more.

Key attributes of Member Profile, such as Locale and Availability Status, make it easier for team members to work together, particularly in globally connected organizations.

Global Search for Members

Find the member you are looking for by using the SmartSuite power search bar.

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