My Availability Status

Let other team members know what you’re working on, if you’re available, or if you’re busy with Availability Status.

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As a user, you can communicate your status to inform your team members if you are online and available, occupied, or away.

Working with Availability Status

You can view a team member’s availability from any record preview or by looking at your profile in the Member Directory.

View the availability status of your team members right from any record preview or in the public Member Directory… always just a click away from anywhere. You’ll be able to see a green dot when a member is online, and a red dot when they are unavailable.

Setting an Availability Status

View and update your My Availability Status by opening My Member Profile and managing status with the control between the cover image and your name

Click on your Member Profile dropdown and Set Availability Status.

A pop-up appears allowing you to select an Emoji or Symbol, enter a Status, and set a timer for SmartSuite to automatically clear your status.

Avoid communicating outdated status information by setting an expiration timeframe - now you don’t have to remember to change things back from away, at lunch or on vacation.

The default value is to "Don't Clear" an availability status, but you can choose to have the system clear after 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 4 Hours, Today, This Week, This Month, or Choose Date & Time.

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