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What is a record?

Records (or rows) represent individual and distinct items in Apps. Think of them as a row in a spreadsheet.

Records can be anything from tasks and items to people and projects to name a few. Records hold a set of values for the Fields included in the App.

Adding a new record from any view

  1. Click + Add New in the upper-right corner of the Application.

  2. A modal for a new Record will appear and data can be entered in the Fields, or you can add or modify Fields.

Add a new Record from Grid View, Calendar View, and Kanban View:

Grid View

  1. Below the Column Menu, click the + icon in the first open row. If Records exist, it will be below the last Record.

  2. A new Record will appear in a new row and data can be entered in the Fields, or you can add or modify Fields.

Pro Tips:

  • If you change the title to “not required” you can add multiple empty rows.

  • When you have applied a Group (or nested group) in Grid View, clicking the + button beneath the grouping will create a new record with the "Group By" value(s) selected by default.

For example, this new record has the "First Draft" value applied upon record creation:

Kanban View

Each column in Kanban view represents a status or value-list field. Quickly add new records by clicking the + that appears at the bottom of a column when hovering.

New records will automatically receive the value in the column selected. In the example below, the new record will have an "In Process" status at the time it's created.

Calendar View

Add new records in Calendar View by clicking on the calendar. Date and Time (when in "Day View") will be applied to the new record automatically.

Other Views

Use the default + Add New button to create new records in Card, Timeline, Map, and Chart views.

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