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Connecting SmartSuite to Easy Portal
Connecting SmartSuite to Easy Portal

Create customized online portals, websites, and web applications from SmartSuite data

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Easy Portal, a no-code platform, empowers individuals and businesses to create customized online portals, websites, and web applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge or development skills. What sets Easy Portal apart is its seamless integration with SmartSuite, the work management platform, enabling you to harness the data from your SmartSuite Solutions and Apps to develop powerful portals.
Here are some of the key things that Easy Portal allows you to do:

  1. Build Online Portals and Web Apps: Easy Portal enables you to design and develop online portals, websites, and web applications tailored to your specific needs. By integrating with SmartSuite, you can leverage the data stored within your SmartSuite Solutions and Apps to create dynamic and data-driven experiences.

  2. No-Code Development: You can use Easy Portal's intuitive visual interface to create your projects without any coding expertise. The platform offers a user-friendly environment where you can easily drag and drop components, configure functionalities, and customize layouts.

  3. Pre-Built Components: Easy Portal provides a library of pre-designed components and widgets that you can seamlessly incorporate into your projects. These components include navigation menus, data grids, forms, buttons, charts, and more.

  4. SmartSuite Data Integration: With the integration between Easy Portal and SmartSuite, you can seamlessly connect to your SmartSuite Solutions and Tables. This allows you to access, display, and interact with the data you have within SmartSuite directly in your portals.

  5. Client and Employee Portals: Build secure and personalized portals for clients, customers, or employees. By pulling in data from your SmartSuite Solutions, you can provide users with real-time updates, personalized information, and efficient ways to interact with their work and tasks.

Signing in

To begin, visit the Easy Portal website here. You will be prompted to continue with your SmartSuite account or an email address.

Creating a Portal

There are a variety of pre-built templates for you to choose from or you can create a portal from scratch.

Connecting Your SmartSuite Account

From any open portal page, you can connect your SmartSuite account by selecting settings at the top left next to your portal name.

Next, go to Manage Data Sources and click on "Add Data Source'

It will prompt you to sign into your SmartSuite account.

Once you log in, it will display as a Data Source.

Under Dynamic blocks, you can begin to pull data from your connect SmartSuite account source. The options include Table, Calendar, Sign in, Form (coming soon), List (coming soon), Card View (coming soon).

Under Data, you can select:

  • Source - Your SmartSuite account

  • Solution - The SmartSuite Solution you want to access information from

  • Table - The SmartSuite Table the data exists in

  • View - The SmartSuite View or layout of the data within the Table

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