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Connecting SmartSuite to Ply
Connecting SmartSuite to Ply

Create add-ons, tools and notification that streamline complex processes and supercharge productivity

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Ply offers many possibilities to streamline your SmartSuite processes and enhance productivity:

  • SmartSuite Add-Ons: Craft personalized buttons, custom UI elements, and specific business logic directly within SmartSuite.

    • Supported contexts: Easily add buttons to records, enhancing interaction.

    • Learn more about SmartSuite Add-Ons for comprehensive insights.

  • SmartSuite Tools: Create versatile tools that leverage SmartSuite data and are accessible across various contexts, including command bars and standalone URLs.

    • Supported contexts: Seamlessly integrate tools within the command bar or as standalone URLs.

    • Explore further details about SmartSuite Tools for a comprehensive understanding.

  • SmartSuite Notifications: Design actionable notifications with customized post-click functionality, available in Ply and Slack.

    • Supported contexts: Ply and Slack integration for notifications that drive action.

    • Dive deeper into SmartSuite Notifications to uncover additional features.

  • SmartSuite Portals: Construct customer portals that seamlessly interact with SmartSuite and offer enhanced user experiences.

    • Supported contexts: Integrate portals through standalone URLs or inline embedding within your app or website.

    • Discover more about SmartSuite Portals to harness their capabilities effectively.

  • Start Building Features for SmartSuite: Utilize Ply's supported actions to perform a variety of tasks within the SmartSuite environment.

    • Seamlessly manage records, comments, files, applications, solutions, and users.

    • Unleash the potential of SmartSuite by developing features that cater to your unique needs using Ply's extensive capabilities.

Creating & Connecting Your Ply Account

Visit to sign up for an account. Once your account is created, from the main page, select "Marketplace" and search for "SmartSuite." Select and click on Add Selected.

Under the Create and Manage left tab go to "Connections" at the top. Click on Add Connection and search for and select SmartSuite.

You will be prompted to connect your SmartSuite Account.

You can find your API key in your user profile, and your workspace ID as the first 8 characters after when you’re logged in.

Refer to this article for help accessing your API Key.

Once connected, you can "Test" and the connection will then be displayed as successful.

From the features tab, you can begin creating add-ons, tools, and internal notifications to streamline those workflows.

Here are just a few of the exciting workflows that we are seeing our customers implement with

  • While working in Gmail, clicking a button to create new records for a contact and company in a SmartSuite solution.

  • While working in a SmartSuite record, clicking a button to create a new customer in Quickbooks.

  • While working in a SmartSuite record, clicking a button to send an email to a contact by pulling the email from the record and then adding the content of the email as a comment in the record.

  • While working in a SmartSuite record, clicking on a button to send a message into a Slack channel to notify management of an issue that needs to be escalated.

  • While working in a SmartSuite record, clicking a button to create a new calendar invite in Google Calendar.

  • While working in Salesforce, clicking a button to send the content of a closed deal to a SmartSuite solution - including the ability create / update contact and account data.

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