How to Report a Bug

A step by step walkthrough on reporting a bug

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Are you experiencing a bug in the platform? Follow the following steps to create a bug ticket.

Reporting a Bug

Click on the blue intercom messenger icon on the bottom right corner of any SmartSuite page.

The window will display asking how we can help. Select "Send us a message"

You will be presented with several options. Click on "Report an Issue."

You can then indicate what type of issue you are experiencing from the following options.

For example, let's select Mobile App. To submit the bug report, select "Create a ticket."

Creating a ticket

All replies and ticket updates will be sent to the email of the account you are reporting from.

When creating the ticket you will be asked to include:

  • A Title for the issue you are experiencing

  • A Description of the issue in as much detail as possible

  • Screenshots of videos of the issues

    • Screenshots of your error console open are most helpful for the investigation process. Here is a guide on how to open your console.

  • Please include the direct browser link to the location where you are experiencing the issue


Once you are finished, select "Create ticket" to submit.

A window will display with confirmation of your report.

In "Messages", you can access the report to check the status. You will be notified of all status updates via email.

When the ticket is in progress, it will display in the conversation.

Our team may reach out and request additional details from you on the issue. The ticket will display as "Waiting on you."

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