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SmartSuite Policy
Regional Access Restrictions
Regional Access Restrictions
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The use of SmartSuite is not permitted in certain regions subject to United States sanctions and export control laws and regulations. More information can be found in our Terms of Service.

If you think that your access to SmartSuite should not be restricted, please contact our support team.

Downloading Your SmartSuite Data Prior to Deactivation

Your SmartSuite data can be downloaded one Table at a time. To download a complete Solution, you need to download the data from each Table individually. Follow these steps to download a Table to CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF:

  1. Navigate to the Solution

  2. Create a new View in the Table you want to download from

  3. In the Fields to Display toolbar control, click Select All

  4. Click the 3-dot menu and highlight Export

  5. Select one of 4 format options:

    1. Adobe PDF

    2. Microsoft Excel (xlsx)

    3. Google Sheets

    4. CSV

Downloading a Solution

To download an entire Solution, please repeat the steps outlined above for each Table in the Solution.

Note: Attachments are not included in exports. You can manually download attachments as needed.

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