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Solution Overview

What are solutions?

Solutions are groupings of Apps that all address a common business process. They acts as containers for their set of Apps, allowing users to navigate SmartSuite content in an intuitive way.

You can think of a SmartSuite Solution as being similar to a database or a spreadsheet that has several tabs, grouping related data together.

Quick Summary

  • A Solution contains one or more Apps. A Solution generally includes all of the Apps that relate to a specific business process, like customer support or project management.

  • Apps contain a collection of items of the same type, such as projects, assets, or team schedules.

  • Apps have Fields that are used to store different types of information, like text, dates, documents, files, links to other records, and much more.

  • Records represent individual and distinct items in Apps. Records hold a set of values for the Fields included in the App.

Where can I see my Solutions?

When you first log in to SmartSuite you can see all the Solutions you have access to on your Home Page, like this:

Solutions are identified by a name, icon, and color. Clicking any of the Solution icons will open that solution and display its Apps. Users with the Solution Creator role can also add solutions from this page (more about that below).

How do I add a new Solution?

SmartSuite makes it easy for users (with the right permissions) to add a new Solution. An option to do so is right on the home page. For a deeper-dive into creating Solutions from scratch, see this article.

Tip: Customize your Solution by picking a color and Solution Icon that helps represent its function!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into SmartSuite with a user profile that has the Administrator or Solution Creator role.

  2. From your home page click Add New Solution.

  3. Click Start from Scratch (see this article to learn about Starting with a Template).

  4. Type in a name for your Solution (50 characters max).

  5. Optionally select a different Solution Color.

  6. Optionally change the Solution Icon.

  7. Optionally give your Solution a description (read more here).

  8. Press the Enter Key and the Solution properties dialog will close.

Remember that a unique name is required for every Solution - but that's the only requirement before you close the Solution properties dialog and start adding Apps, Saved Views, and content!

How do I edit my Solution's properties?

Easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into SmartSuite as a Solution Manager for the Solution (or as an Administrator).

  2. Click on the Solution name from your home page.

  3. Click on the small down-arrow next to the Solution's name at the top of the page.

  4. The Solution properties menu will open.

Can I delete a Solution?

Users with the Administrator role can delete any Solution, and other users can delete the ones they are a Solution Manager for.

CAUTION! ⚠️ Deleting a Solution deletes ALL of its content! Be sure that you've exported any data that you need from the solution before you continue.

If you decide that you're ready to delete the entire Solution, just take the following actions:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into SmartSuite with a user profile that has the Administrator role.

  2. Open the Solution properties from the home page (Solution icon's 3-dot menu) or from within the Solution (Solution down-arrow selector).

  3. Click Delete Solution.

  4. In the "Delete My (Solution Name) Solution" dialog, click Yes, Delete Solution.

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