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Collapsing a Field in Grid View
Collapsing a Field in Grid View
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Collapsing fields in grid view allows you to organize your data in an efficient way. Collapsing a field in grid view will collapse the corresponding column and the data contained within. This can be useful if you find your grid view is becoming cluttered or crowded.

Collapsing a Field

To collapse a field in grid view, click on the 3 dot menu in the column heading and select "Collapse Column". The grid will then adjust to hide the column for the selected field and data contained within.

Expanding a Field

Collapsing a field in grid view does not delete the data contained within; you can expand a field at any time. If you hover over any double arrow in the column heading, you can see the details of which field will be expanded. After clicking on it, the column and data will then reappear.

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