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How to Quickly Fill Cells Using Fill Handle
How to Quickly Fill Cells Using Fill Handle

Quickly copy and paste the values of one or more adjacent cells using the fill handle

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When it comes to managing data in SmartSuite time is of the essence. That's why you need to know every possible way to automate daily tasks. One such feature that can save you a lot of time is drag & auto populate values.

Copying and pasting multiple cells can be done manually, but there is a more efficient way to copy and paste the values of adjacent cells. This can be achieved using the fill handle. To do this, select the cell(s) to be copied and a small box will appear at the right-hand corner of the selection.

Click, hold, and drag the handle to select all the cells to be filled. The handle can be dragged either horizontally or vertically, as long as the cells being selected are adjacent to each other. After selecting the cells, release the mouse to fill them.

The fill handle even supports numeric patterns. As long as you've selected two or more numeric cells, SmartSuite will fill the chosen cells with the corresponding pattern.


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