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Linking from One App to Another

In SmartSuite, you can create relationships between individual records. For example, if you made an App that includes all your Projects, and made another App of the different tasks pertaining to the projects, you could link each task that relates to each project using a Linked Record field.

This would display the tasks in the same view as the Project App and make it easy to pull up information about the Project. This is what is referred to as “linking Apps.”

Create the Linked Record field and the field settings dialog will be displayed.

Here you can select which App you would like to create the relationship with, using the Select Linked App dropdown.

Linking Apps Across Different Solutions

You have the ability to link apps from one Solution to another. This helps eliminate duplicated data and prevents you from having to replicate data between Solutions.

We allow them to linked to just about anything, and we also enforce permissions if the user does not have access to the linked content.

Here is how to create a Linkage between different Solutions:

In the Linked Record field settings display, from the Select Linked App dropdown, you have the ability to select the link to any App in any Solution in your Workspace.

For example, if you have a Sales CRM Solution with all of your Contacts and want to link specific projects in your Project Management Solution that are related to those contacts, you could link the Contacts App to the Projects App - across the Solutions.

Linking Contacts with their Projects allows you to drill into the Contact's data directly from the Project App.

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