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Adding, Deleting, Duplicating, Hiding/Showing a Table
Adding, Deleting, Duplicating, Hiding/Showing a Table
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Each Solution can have one or more Tables, which are similar to a single worksheet tab in a spreadsheet.

Tables are collections of items of the same type, and contain Records that hold information about those distinct items.

For example, you may have a Table to track projects, catalog real estate holdings, or list the laptops your IT department manages.

Note: You can have a maximum of 25 Tables within a single Solution.

Adding a Table

You can access Tables at the top of your Solution. To add a new Table, simply click on the + sign below the Solution title.

Deleting a Table

You can delete an existing Table by hovering over the Table name and clicking on the dropdown, and selecting "Delete Table."

Reordering Tables

To reorder the Tables, simply select the Table and drag it to the desired position in the Table lineup.

Duplicating Tables

To duplicate a Table, hover over the Table and click on the dropdown arrow next to the name of the Table you wish to duplicate.

You will be given the option to copy all of the records in the Table to your new duplicate Table, or to create an empty Table with the same field structure.

The Duplicated Table will appear as the original Table name followed by "Copy."

Duplicating a Table is useful if you wish to move the same data with either the same records or the same field layout.

Moving a Table to Another Solution

A display popup will appear allowing you to select which Solution to wish to move the Table to.

Hiding a Table

You can hide any table you don't access regularly or that you might only use to link other Tables together. Simply click on the Table dropdown and "Hide Table."

The 3 lined icon to the left of the first table is where you access the Hidden Tables. From here, you can select to adjust the display.

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