Who created/is viewing a record

Know at a glance who created/ is currently viewing a SmartSuite record

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Seeing who created a record

To provide context about each record, SmartSuite displays the name of the creating user along with the date. When a record is first created - prior to any subsequent updates - the Created information is displayed in the footer of the record display dialog, as you see below:

Seeing who last updated the record

Once the record has been updated, the footer changes to display Last Updated information, including once again the modifying user along with the date and time of the update.

See record creation information after the record has been updated

Don't worry, you can still easily see information about the record's initial creation. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the record in record display mode

  2. Click on the View Activity History icon (it looks like a small clock in the upper-right corner of the dialog)

  3. The Activity History sidebar will be displayed

  4. See the Created information at the top of the display area

Seeing who is viewing a record

SmartSuite displays the other users who are viewing a record, helping promote real time collaboration and letting you know when your teammates are working on the same content.

See who is looking at a record's details

You can see at a glance when someone is viewing the record you are currently looking at in the record display dialog. Just look up at the top bar - if you see a "binoculars" icon and a number, you'll know someone else is there!

Simply click on the icon to see a dropdown with the name of all the users that are currently looking at the record. Clicking the user's name will open a preview of their profile for additional information.

See who is editing a record in Grid View

If you're in Grid View, you can see at a glance who is editing records in their own Grid View. You'll see the user's name displayed directly above the field, which will be highlighted to let you know that someone is busy entering content.

Note: Record content is saved when the user moves out of the cell - if multiple people are editing at the same time, the user who saves first might have their content overwritten by the second editor.

That's why SmartSuite tries to give you context, showing you when something is being updated so you don't inadvertently remove someone's new value!

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