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Permissions Required to use Automations
Permissions Required to use Automations

Understand the requirements for creating, configuring and managing Automations

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SmartSuite Automations allow for the automation of common tasks such as notifying users of upcoming due dates, assigning a user based on a task type, or automatically adding a comment to a record. This saves time and increases user efficiency - getting work done smarter.

Automations Permission Requirements

Users with the following permissions can create or manage Automations in a particular Solution:

1 - Users with the Administrator Role

Users who have been granted the Administrator role have unrestricted access to all of the SmartSuite workspace functions, including adding, managing or deleting Automations in any Solution. Learn more about SmartSuite roles in this article.

2 - Users who are Solution Managers

Users who are Solution Managers of a particular Solution can manage Automations for their assigned solution(s).

You can see a particular solution's Solution Managers in the Solution Permissions dialog. Read more about configuring Solution Permissions in this article.

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