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Understand SmartSuite Automation limits

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The SmartSuite Automations feature empowers you and your organization to reclaim valuable time and resources by automating repetitive tasks, communication, and integrations with other tools. Instead of investing hours in coding, testing, and implementation, you can now achieve the same results in mere minutes. Whether you're a coding expert or a novice, setting up and maintaining automations sporadically will gradually accumulate significant benefits.

Upgrading to the next plan level will increase limits and allow automations to continue to process in a given month.

If a limit is reached in a given month, the automations will show as failed, but at the beginning of next month they can reun these prior automations if needed.

Current Automation Limits

Automation Counts

  • You can add up to 50 automations to a Solution

    • Once you have 50, you will be unable to add another until you have deleted an automation and decreased your count to less than 50.

    • Note that inactive automations count toward this limit.

  • Each individual automation can have up to 10 actions.

    • Note that this limit will soon be increased to 25 actions.

Automation Action Operations

Automation actions are one of a few SmartSuite resources that are metered against your workspace, including a Plan-specific quantity that you can use for no additional charge. The number of included automation actions per Plan are:

  • Free Forever Plan: 100 automation actions per month

  • Team Plan: 5,000 automation actions per month

  • Professional Plan: 50,000 automation actions per month

  • Enterprise Plan: 500,000 automation actions per month

Each individual automation action that executes is counted toward your automation limit threshold. An automation "job" that consists of a single action will add one to your usage, whereas an automation with 10 actions will increment your count by 10 each time it executes.

Your usage will be reset at the start of each month. Note that even if you are on an annually-billed plan, Automation Actions counts are still evaluated monthly.

These thresholds are in place to ensure that SmartSuite can continue to scale to meet all of our customers' needs.

Reaching Automations Limits

When you reach your automation action limit, your automation runs will be disabled and show as failed.


You can manually re-run failed automations, including those that were disabled when your account reached its automations limit. Click the "re-run automation" button to retry the automation.

Plan Limit Warnings

When you have used 90% of your plan's automations limit all Workspace administrators will receive an email warning that you are approaching your limit. Another email will follow when you have exhausted your monthly limit.

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