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To ensure that SmartSuite maintains a secure and high-performance environment for all customers there are certain limits placed on the REST API. These limits fall into two categories:

  1. Number of Requests - Each Subscription Plan level has a limit on the number of API requests that can be made each month as part of their plan. Exceeding this number on a paid plan will slow the rate at which you can make requests. At 200% of your plan limit on a paid plan (100% for free plans) additional requests will be denied until the beginning of the next month.

  2. Request Rate - The speed at which requests are made is limited, regardless of Subscription Plan level. Requests can be made at a rate of 5 per second per user up to your plan's request limit. Beyond your limit on a paid plan you can make 2 requests per second per user. At 200% of your plan limit additional requests are denied until the beginning of the next month.


  • Rate: 5 Requests Per Second

    • Free: 1,000 requests

    • Team: 5,000 requests

    • Professional: 100,000 requests

    • Enterprise: 500,000 requests

  • Rate: 2 Requests Per Second

    • Team: up to 10,000 requests

    • Professional: up to 200,000 requests

    • Enterprise: up to 1,000,000 requests

Why are requests to the API limited?

SmartSuite strives to make the platform fast, scalable and secure. Rate limiting the API is a critical component in this equation, ensuring that the platform is not overwhelmed by external requests.

An unlimited API is also a potential target for denial of service (DoS) attacks that - left unprotected - could lead to service unavailability.

Can you explain limits and how throttling works?

API Requests are one of a few SmartSuite resources that are metered against your workspace, including a Plan-specific quantity that accommodates the needs of various types of organizations. Requests are also throttled by workspace by user.

If multiple authenticated users are making requests simultaneously, their rate limits are independent of one another. That means that user 1 and user 2 could both make simultaneous requests, each limited to either 5 or 2 requests per second, depending on the total requests made against your workspace.

All requests made by users of your workspace are counted together, so our user 1 and user 2 requests both add to the overall request limit for the month.

The number of included full-speed API Requests per Plan are:

  • Free Plan: 1,000 API Requests per month

  • Team Plan: 5,000 API Requests per month

  • Professional Plan: 100,000 API Requests per month

  • Enterprise Plan: 500,000 API Requests per month

You can make additional requests at a rate of 2 per second per user up to the maximum limits below:

  • Team Plan: up to 10,000 requests

  • Professional Plan: up to 200,000 requests

  • Enterprise Plan: up to 1,000,000 requests

For more details about API Request limits and overages please see this article.

What is the request rate limit for the REST API?

While under your plan's request limit, SmartSuite REST API limits you to 5 requests per second per user. If you exceed this rate, you will receive a 429 status code and will need to wait 30 seconds before subsequent requests will succeed.

Once your request limit has been exceeded on a paid plan, you will be allowed to make 2 requests per second per user. You can continue at this rate until you have reached 200% of your request limit, at which time further requests will be denied (replied to with a 429 error code) until the beginning of the next month.

If you anticipate a higher volume, we recommend using a caching proxy. This rate limit is the same for all plans and increased limits are not currently available.

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