To ensure that SmartSuite maintains a secure and high-performance environment for all customers there are certain limits placed on the REST API. These limits fall into two categories:

  1. Number of Requests - Each Subscription Plan level has a limit on the number of API requests that can be made each month as part of their plan. Additional request volume is always available for a nominal fee.

  2. Request Rate - The speed at which requests are made is limited, regardless of Subscription Plan level.

Why are requests to the API limited?

SmartSuite strives to make the platform fast, scalable and secure. Rate limiting the API is a critical component in this equation, ensuring that the platform is not overwhelmed by external requests.

An unlimited API is also a potential target for denial of service (DoS) attacks that - left unprotected - could lead to service unavailability.

Why does SmartSuite charge for additional API requests?

API Requests are one of a few SmartSuite resources that are metered against your workspace, including a Plan-specific quantity that you can use for no additional charge. These thresholds are in place to ensure that SmartSuite can continue to scale to meet all of our customers' needs, offsetting the cost of providing those services with reasonable incremental fees.

The number of included API Requests per Plan are:

  • Free Forever Plans: 100 API Requests per month

  • Team Plans: 5,000 API Requests per month

  • Professional Plans: 50,000 API Requests per month

  • Enterprise Plans: 500,000 API Requests per month

For more details about API Request limits and overages please see this article.

What is the request rate limit for the REST API?

The SmartSuite REST API limits you to 5 requests per second per API key. If you exceed this rate, you will receive a 429 status code and will need to wait 30 seconds before subsequent requests will succeed.

If you anticipate a higher read volume, we recommend using a caching proxy. This rate limit is the same for all plans and increased limits are not currently available.

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