Deleting / Restoring Records

Delete records from sample data, individually, or in bulk

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Deleting Sample Data from Solution Templates

When you download a new Solution Template from the Solution Library, the templates come with sample data. This helps you get familiar with the pre-built saved views we've created in the templates.

We make it easy to delete the Solution data in a single click. Navigate to the Solution Menu and at the bottom you'll see an option to Delete Solution Demo Data.

NOTE: If you add data to the solution and then choose to delete the demo data, your information will be maintained - only the demo data is deleted.

Deleting Individual Records

There is a single, consistent way to delete individual records.

  • Open a record in any view or saved view

  • Click ... in the upper right corner

  • Click Delete Record

Records can be deleted by Editors (if they created that record) and Full Access members.

Deleted items go to the Recycle Bin and can be restored from there as needed. How long items can spend in the Recycle Bin vary according to the plan you're on, as follows:

  • Free - 15 Days

  • Team - 30 Days

  • Pro - 45 Days

  • Enterprise - 60 Days

Deleting records in bulk

To delete multiple records at once, hover over the left side of the record title field and select the unchecked boxes of the records you want to take action with.

Choose the Delete Records bulk action from the toolbar displayed at the bottom of the screen.

You will be presented with the standard confirmation page asking if you want to continue and delete the selected records:

Restoring deleted records

SmartSuite has a Recycle Bin feature that allows authorized members to restore deleted items for a period of time, depending on your SmartSuite Edition (15-60 days).

Access the Recycle Bin through the Workspace Settings dropdown and select Restore on the records you wish to recover.

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