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View types allow you to choose the way data is displayed in SmartSuite. With everything from grid and card through timelines and maps, there is a view type that is perfect for your information.

This article serves as a brief introduction to view types. For a deeper dive head over to Introduction to View Types and we'll take you through all of the details.

Overview of View Types

View types are actually part of SmartSuite Saved Views. Saved Views specify what data should be displayed (though sorting, grouping and related settings) and view types determine how that data should be displayed.

Saved Views have a default view type, selected when the saved view is created. Users always have the option to switch to a different view type as they interact with the data.

Supported View Types

The following view types are available:

  • Grid - provides a powerful interactive grid to display your data (this is the default view type)

  • Card - display data on small cards with an optional cover image

  • Kanban - use cards to see your records in columns that represent workflow stage

  • Calendar - see date-driven information displayed on a calendar

  • Timeline - view tasks with a set duration on a configurable timeline

  • Map - see records that have an Address field displayed on a Google map

  • Chart - visualize your data with a wide variety of charts and graphs

  • Gantt: A Gantt Chart is an effective project management tool renowned for its ability to bring clarity and efficiency to project planning and execution. By visually representing a project's timeline and tasks, it transforms complex project data into an accessible, graphical format. This format simplifies the planning, tracking, and management of tasks, enabling project managers and team members to stay on top of project progress and deadlines. With its structured visual layout, Gantt Charts facilitate effective communication and coordination among team members, ensuring everyone is aligned with project objectives and timelines.

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