Real-Time Updates

Instantly see when anything and everything is updated: Who, what, when

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Real-time in SmartSuite

Instantly see when anything and everything is updated. Who, what, when - it’s all available in real-time, down to the second.

With real-time updates, multiple members of your team can view and edit shared content in SmartSuite at the same time. This means you'll always be working on the latest version of each record.

Updating in real-time

Any info being updated is highlighted with a distinctive color. The name of the user making those updates is displayed as well, letting you know where your teammates are working and which fields they’re updating so that you can coordinate your next steps in real-time.

Following a record

Every record shows which team members are following it. Collaboration has never been easier, with your team seeing changes being made in content that they’re interested in.

Access this option by selecting the bell icon in the upper right corner of any record.

Select from the two options:

Following which will notify you of all updates to this record

Not-Following which will only notify you when someone @mentions you within this record or a comment.

Notification Center

The Notification Center is your source for updates and changes that matter to you most. A team member needing clarification on a task can mention you, and you’ll instantly be notified. Access your Notification Center by clicking on the bell icon in the right corner of your homepage.

Activity History

Track every action in SmartSuite. Know what your teammates are working on and what changes they've made in real-time.

SmartSuite makes it easy to see updates that were made since you last checked in on a work item. With Activity History, you can see what's happened by date, person, and even the current and prior values.

Activity History tracks and logs when items are created and last updated as well as any change to content. Full transparency into the work being done at all levels adds to a culture of collaboration, not double-guessing.

For any record, you can view changes by date and time. See who made the change, the previous value, and the current value for each field that was updated. With a live stream of actions, context and collaboration are built into every task.

Hover over the avatars in the upper left corner of the record to see who else is working in the record.

View exactly where other Member are working within the record, with real-time field updates.

Note: Members are not allowed to update the same field at the same time.

Commenting in real-time

Have a conversation about the information directly on the record where your work is. Comments update in real-time for easy and efficient collaboration - no need to send out an email.

You can also open comments in grid view by clicking on the chat icon:

Real-time updates in Grid View

Unlock serious real-time power with Grid View, where several Members can update multiple content records using in-line edit.

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