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Who's Viewing a Record

Collaborate with teammates in real time directly in solution records.

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There are TWO places where "who's viewing a record" comes into play:

  • In an open Record - SmartSuite will show others who are viewing a record at the same time.

  • In Grid View - SmartSuite displays member labels to visually show where other members are engaging with content.

Who's Viewing an Open Record

SmartSuite displays members viewing a record to promote real time collaboration.

Grid View Highlights

In Grid View, you can view specific fields within a record that other members are updating.

πŸ’« πŸ“ IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not lock fields as updates are being made, os as a rule: the last one who enters a value and saves, gets the prizeπŸ† !

Cells will highlight as users make updates to records. Simply clicking into a cell will not show a highlight - it's only as content is being added or updated.

The visual below shows Johnny making an update to the date (left) that Jeff is able to see in real-time (right). A completely irrelevant side note - if you're curious - is that Johnny is Jeff's smarter, faster, more interesting and better looking alter ego.

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