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For most members, the Notification Center is the first spot they check when logging in to SmartSuite for the day. It's the best way to check priorities and follow up on active work items.

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Accessing the Notification Center

To access the notification center, simply click on the bell icon in the upper right corner of the homepage and a window will display.

When do notifications occur?

Members receive notifications for the following reasons:

  • When they are @Mentioned directly by name in a record or comment

  • When they are @Mentioned as part of a team in a record or comment

  • When a record they're Following is updated or deleted

  • When their Member Profile is updated

  • When their password has been changed

  • When they are Assigned to an element (record, comment, checklist item, etc.)

When they are @Mentioned in fields and comments, including:

  • SmartDoc Field

  • Checklist Items

  • Sub Items with a SmartDoc Field

  • Comment

When they are Assigned items, including:

  • Records when a Member/Team is selected in the Assign To field

  • Checklist Items

  • Sub-Item when Member/Team is selected in the AssignTo field

  • Comments

And for other reasons:

  • When you follow a record

  • When your permissions have changed

  • When you’ve been added to a team

  • When changes have been made to your member profile

  • When you forget or reset your password 🔐

Notifications are grouped by Solution by default, so members can readily identify activity across any number of work functions in one central location. You can choose to ungroup them and perform bulk actions on notifications, including:

  • Mark all as read

  • Delete all notifications

Managing Notifications

Notifications appear in real-time and are grouped in tabs within the Notification Center, including All, Unread, @mentioned, and Assigned to Me.

New notifications appear with an unread status and members can Mark as Read by clicking the colored dot to help keep track of items still in queue to be reviewed and acted on. Notifications are automatically archived after 30 days.

Clicking a notification will navigate members directly to the record, comment thread, @mention or assignment.

Unread Notifications

New notifications can serve as an individual work queue to easily view new activity. Simply Mark as Read to clear your queue.

@mentioned Notifications

Members typically @mention content to ensure other members or teams engage in collaboration. These often represent high-priority items and many members focus on these items before reviewing general notifications.

Assigned to Me Notifications

SmartSuite does not have a concept of a dedicated "task," which typically includes an action item, a due date, and an assignment to a member to complete the action.

Instead, we track any element that can be assigned to a member, including a record, a checklist item, sub-items, and comments - all of which show up within the Assigned to Me tab in the Notification Center.

These are typically the most important items members need to address since they come with a ticking clock⏱ to complete.

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