SmartSuite API Overview
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The REST API provides an easy way to integrate your SmartSuite Solutions with any external system. The API closely follows REST semantics, uses JSON to encode objects, and relies on standard HTTP codes to signal operation outcomes.

What can I do with the SmartSuite REST API?

The SmartSuite API supports four main actions:

  1. Retrieve records from your SmartSuite Apps

  2. Create new records

  3. Update existing records

  4. Delete records

Working with the SmartSuite REST API

Getting Started

First you'll need to generate an API key for your workspace, and then take a look at the API documentation. Learn about creating your key in this article.

The docs are Solution and App-specific, so you will see examples that use actual values from your environment.

Access the API docs by following these simple steps:

  1. From the home page, select the Solution that you want to integrate with.

  2. Click on the small arrow next to the Solution name.

  3. Click API Documentation.

  4. The API documentation page will open in a new tab.


In order to ensure that SmartSuite services are stable and secure, we place limits on both total requests and the rate of those requests.

You are permitted a maximum of 5 requests per second, per user. Requests over your API request limit (per your plan) will be limited to 2 requests per second, per user. Requests made that exceed 200% of your monthly request limit will be denied until the start of the next month.

For more details about these limits see the article API Limits.

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