SmartSuite's record endpoints will optionally return "hydrated" objects when you pass the "hydrated=true" parameter in the request. This is done as follows:

Single Records

For single records, just attach a parameter to the GET request: ?hydrated=true like this:[App Id]/records/[Record Id]/?hydrated=true

Multiple Records

For lists of records, send it in the JSON body of the POST:

{ "hydrated": true }

In either case you will receive record(s) that contain a structure similar to the following:

"sec059ca14": [
"label": "Value A",
"value": "48fefd4c-7cea-4f0e-8a36-f3af942e652c"
"label": "Value B",
"value": "8a349f68-ecd7-4f70-85dd-e03ed08aca84"
"label": "Value C",
"value": "53513512-630e-4976-a0a9-39e54206ca5c"

Supported Field Types

The following field types can be hydrated:

  1. Single Select

  2. Multiple Select

  3. Status

  4. First Created

  5. Last Updated

  6. Assigned To

  7. Tags

  8. Vote

  9. Time Tracking Log

  10. Checklist

  11. Lookup

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