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Open Document Template with a Button
Open Document Template with a Button

Open a specific Document Designer template and populate it with a specific record's content

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You can use a formula with a special URL to open a Document Designer template in print mode. Here is how you do it:

1 - Create a Document Template and save it

2 - Get the Document Template Id

This step involves using the developer console on your browser to look at the API call that is sent to SmartSuite to save the template. Do this:


  • Press Option-Command-I (the “i” character) to open the developer console


  • Press F12 to open the developer console

Once the console is open, click on the “Network” tab.

If there is any content displayed in the Network panel, click the clear button:

Once this has been done, open the Table dropdown menu and select the Document Template you want the button to open.

In the developer console you should see an item that begins with ?account=. Click it, then double-click the ID that appears after document_design= in the right side of the panel. That should copy the ID value to your clipboard. The hard part is done!

3 - Create a button field

4 - Select the URL Formula option

Once you’ve selected URL Foruma, click the Edit Formula button.

5 - Edit the Formula

Paste your saved ID value into the formula so that you don’t lose it. Then copy this formula and paste it into the editor. Make sure you don’t overwrite the ID value.

Finally, replace two values:

  • DOC-DESIGN-ID - replace with the ID value you pasted into the formula.

  • ACCOUNT-ID - replace with your workspace ID (the 8 characters in the SmartSuite URL after

Your formula should look something like this:

Make sure there are no errors then Apply the formula and then click Update Field.

6 - Test the Button

Click the button in one of your records to test. It should open a new tab and display the print preview for the document template:

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