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Comment and Email within the context of a record!

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SmartSuite's Communication Center centralizes your collaboration by making it easy to send and receive emails, comments, and tasks.

Enabling Emailing from Record

Simply head to the gear icon in the top right of your Communication Center panel within a record and click on the toggle for Emails. You'll then be able to see new sections under the Communication Center heading, allowing you to sort your communications with ease. And when you click on the Email sub-heading, you'll have a bird's eye view of all emails related to the record and the ability to send out new ones.

Sending an Email

Not only can you send and receive emails within the Communication Center, but you can also utilize pre-created templates and content from the record to enhance your message, and all replies are automatically brought back into the Communication Center for the record it was sent from.

Managing Templates

You have the ability to turn any email you're creating into a template or open up the template management UI and create/manage them from there. These templates can be fully fleshed out with text, formatting, fields of information, and even attachments that you're looking to send to help streamline your communication process! Once the template has been created, you can select it from the list of templates and the information will automatically populate into the email. After that you're able to make any modifications you'd like before sending it off.

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