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Using the SmartSuite Web Clipper (BETA)
Using the SmartSuite Web Clipper (BETA)

Clip web content to SmartSuite using our BETA Chrome Plugin

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A web clipper app is a tool that allows you to easily save and organize information from the Internet. This can be useful for work as it allows you to quickly capture important information, such as research for a project or important data for a presentation, and store it in a central location for easy access later.

The SmartSuite Web Clipper Chrome Plugin allows you to send information from a Web page directly to SmartSuite, making it easy to search for and find specific items, create to-do lists and more. The Web Clipper app helps you be more productive by allowing you to easily capture and organize important information, making it more readily available when you need it.


The SmartSuite Web Clipper allows you to copy content from web pages to you SmartSuite Table by setting up clipping configurations. You can match SmartSuite fields to elements on the current page including page title, URL, other page data - or even specific CSS selectors for our more advanced users.

Open a Link to the SmartSuite Web Clipper BETA

SmartSuite's Web Clipper Chrome plugin is in Beta, so you won't find it in the Chrome Store (yet!) To install it, please open this URL.

You will be taken to it's page in the Chrome Web Store. Click Add to Chrome to install the app and get started. Note that Chrome will ask you if you're sure - say "yes" to proceed. The page looks like this:

Pin the Plugin to your Toolbar

To make the SmartSuite Web Clipper easily accessible you can "pin" it to your Chrome toolbar. Simply click the Extensions button (it looks like a puzzle piece) to open the Extensions dropdown.

Find SmartSuite Web Clipper in the list and click on the pin icon to turn it blue. When you close the extensions list you'll see a SmartSuite icon on your Chrome toolbar - clicking it opens the Web Clipper.

Using the Web Clipper

Once you have the SmartSuite Web Clipper installed and placed on your toolbar, you can configure the Clipper to create records in the SmartSuite Table of your choice. Before you can start clipping, you'll need at least one Clipper configuration.

Create a New Clipper

To create a new Clipper configuration, start by clicking the Create clipper button. It will open a configuration window. To configure it, follow these steps:

  • Name your clipper. You can specify a name to identify your Clipper configuration. We suggest using a name that indicates where the clip will be placed, including the Solution name or Table name.

  • Paste in your API Token. The Clipper requires that you provide your personal API token. This is basically a "passcode" that gives the Clipper permission to interact with SmartSuite on your behalf. You'll find the token in your personal profile information (accessible by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of the SmartSuite interface) in the API Key section, which is directly below the Password section.

  • Select your Account. Once you have pasted in a valid API token the Clipper will return a list of SmartSuite Workspaces you have access to. Select the one you want to use.

  • Select Target Table. With the Workspace selected, you can browse through a list of Apps (organized by Solution). Select the one you want to contain your clipped information.

  • Map Fields. The final step is to map the Clipper's information to fields in your SmartSuite Table. The following information is available for mapping

    • Page Title

    • Page URL

    • Page Description

    • Selected Text

    • Text Matching CSS Selector - see information on configuring CSS selectors here

When the Clipper is configured, it will be displayed in a list when you click on the SmartSuite Web Clipper icon. You can either click the clipper itself to take a clip, or click the Create clipper button to configure another clipper.

Note that any text you have highlighted on the page will be saved to the field you mapped the Selected Text option to.

Using your Configured Clipper

Using your clipper couldn't be easier - just open the Clipper list and click on the Clipper configuration you want to use for the clip. You will see a preview of what will be sent to SmartSuite. You can also edit this information before it is sent to the SmartSuite Table if you want to add notes or modify the text in any way.

When you're ready to save the Clip, Click Create Record. You'll see a "Record saved!" message, with the option to click a link to go directly to the new record in SmartSuite.

If you choose to click the See it on SmartSuite link, you'll be taken directly to the new record (you'll have to log in first if you aren't already in SmartSuite). Have fun clipping!

Editing a Clipper Configuration

If you want to edit the configuration of an already-configured Clipper, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Web Clipper panel by clicking the SmartSuite icon

  2. Hover the Clipper you want to change

  3. Click the edit button (or optionally delete the clipper by clicking the delete icon)

  4. Modify the Clipper configuration

  5. Click save to save your changes

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