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Automate your workflows with and get everything done in SmartSuite with streamlined efficiency. You will be able to initiate actions from the addition or modification of records in SmartSuite, or create and update records in SmartSuite when external data changes.

Note: Make logs in to SmartSuite using a user API Token that you provide. The Scenario’s access to data and its ability to add or change records is limited by the permissions granted to that member workspace. Pro-tip: create a member that you use just for Make automations that has the fewest permissions necessary to accomplish your tasks to maximize your workspace security.

SmartSuite Triggers

Triggers initiate your automation, kicking off a workflow that can send notifications, modify records and more. SmartSuite triggers fire in response to the creation or update of a record in a selected Table (App).

Watch New Records

Use the Watch New Records Trigger to start a Scenario when a new record is added to a SmartSuite Table. This trigger is labeled "instant" as it fires as soon as the record is saved.

You will be able to use information contained in the triggering record in subsequent Scenario actions to update a connected system with its information.

Watch Updated Records

The Watch Updated Records Trigger allows you to react to changes in existing SmartSuite records. As with the Create trigger, the Watch Updated Records Trigger fires as soon as a change is made to any of the selected Table's records.

SmartSuite Actions

Actions are the work that your automations perform when initiated by a Trigger. Triggers can kick off one or more actions, and can use the information provided by the Trigger.

Create a Record

Use this action to create records in a selected SmartSuite Table. You will be able to use fields of data from the Scenario Trigger - whether that data came from SmartSuite or another system - to populate your new record.

This action type works great with external Web forms products like Google Forms. Just select your forms platform as the trigger, then use this action to automatically add a record with the user's submitted information. This is perfect for user onboarding, surveys, and much more.

Update a Record

The Update a Record Action is your key to keeping SmartSuite in sync with another system. Unlike the Create action, update lets you specify the Title field value of the target record provided by one of the fields of data in the Scenario Trigger. The record in your selected Table that matches this "Record" value will be updated.

With this action you can keep everything in sync, reflecting updates in an external CRM system, help desk platform or other tools in your mirrored SmartSuite records. You could get updates to a Salesforce Opportunity record, a customer service case in Zendesk or changes in a Google Sheet - all as soon as they happen.

Make an API Call

The Make an API Call Action allows you to utilize our REST API to execute a custom action in SmartSuite. Check out our SmartSuite API Overview to learn more about this option!

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