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Using Auto-Generated Titles
Using Auto-Generated Titles
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If your Title fields are a concatenation of multiple fields within a record, use our auto generated titles to automatically fill this for all current and future records.

  1. Open a record.

  2. Click on the action menu (...) of the Title Field.

  3. Select 'Modify Field Settings.'

  4. Choose Auto Generated.

  5. Confirm with 'Yes, I understand.'

  6. Pick which fields you want to populate the Title Field.

Here is a list of currently supported fields:

  • Auto Number

  • Record ID

  • Number, Currency, Number Slider, Rating, Formula (Numeric)

  • Text, Text Area, Full Name, Formula (Text)

  • Date, Date Range, Due Date, Formula (Date)

  • Assigned To

  • Status

  • Single/Multiple Select

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